Candidate Dany


Hola Amigos !!!

Hi, I'm Dany Zichem Arias Millan
Known as DanyBear by now,
Born 38 years ago on Palma de Mallorca, Spain.
Fifteen years ago I moved to the Netherlands for the love of my life.
Since then I live with my DaddyBear Franklin in Helmond.
Married for almost 5 years now and still happy with each other. I have been working in a factory for thirteen years as an operator and as the right hand of my Team Leader.

In my spare time I have been Ambassador of the Dusty Foundation for several years,
and Bear Model at Mr Riegillio, I am happy to commit myself to this voluntary work and I enjoy it very much.
Also I am BLUF member #1910,
and Member MSA/ECMC (The Motor Sportsclub Amsterdam).

As many of you know, I have been extremely visible here in the Netherlands for the Bear Community for 3 years and now also in Europe.
I have had a difficult childhood and have not always been accepted by others. But I think it is important to put this on the map.
So that's exactly why I wish everyone to be accepted as they are !!!


The themes that, in my opinion, are of great importance here,
Acceptance, Tolerance, Accessible, Reachable, Visible and Collaboration
With my life experience, I am ready to take a new step in my life and yes, to be elected to You Mr Bear Netherlands 2023.

Saludos,Kisses and Hugs
Your DanyBear